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The Government is Lying about Oil Prices

At close to (in certain cities more than) Rs 80 and 70 per litre respectively, prices of petrol and diesel have hit the highest levels ever in India. Adding insult to injury was the recent cut of 1 paisa on … Continue reading

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Breathing Green

Rohit Azad and Shouvik Chakraborty* It won’t be an exaggeration to say that air pollution is one of the biggest public concerns in India today. Its implications are many but just two will suffice here. A report of the Lancet … Continue reading

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Rising Inequality and the Global Resurgence of the Ultra-Right

[This is the text of a talk I gave at the New York University on May 8, 2017] What follows is a take on the rise of Hindutva in India from the lens of an economist. At the outset, let … Continue reading

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The Ponzi is On!

A more detailed analysis of the House of Debt as an article in the Hindu today. The Indian corporate sector is grappling with a severe bad debt crisis, and as a result, the banks (public sector banks) are increasingly getting … Continue reading

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Plurality in Teaching Macroeconomics

In the aftermath of the Great Depression, there was turmoil in the field of Macroeconomics, which resulted in the Keynesian ‘revolution’. However, the current Great Recession, the worst crisis that capitalism has faced since then, has failed, at least so … Continue reading

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More from the House of Debt

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Adani Power

The story of bad financial health continues for Adanis. Loans don’t fall despite deteriorating health.

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